Surprise!? CEO of JP Morgan says “Trump was kinda right” and his supporters deserve respect

Surprise!? CEO of JP Morgan says “Trump was kinda right” and his supporters deserve respect
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Did Wall Street just step away from the poisonous left?

The head of the largest bank in the US said the unthinkable in Davos this week. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, and perhaps the most important banker in New York and thus the US, warned the Democrats that they were making a mistake demonizing Trump supporters. He even admitted Trump got some things “kind of” right, suggested rather radically that it was time people grew up “I mean, really?” he said “Can we stop that stuff” and  “treat other people with respect and listen to them a little bit?”

Normally, JP Morgan can be counted to be on the same side as the big banker WEF cabal, or to some extent, driving it. Dimon has spent the last three months talking up Nikki Haley. So he is going right off the ranch here.

“I wish the Democrats would think a little more carefully when they talk about MAGA,” Dimon told CNBC on Wednesday from the World Economic Forum in Davos.

“I don’t think they are voting for Trump because of his family values,” Dimon said. “Just take a step back and be honest: He was kind of right about NATO. He was kind of right about immigration. He grew the economy quite well. Tax reform worked.”

Jamie Dimon seems be aware not only that Trump might win, but that the Democrats are fueling his campaign by maligning his supporters, in much the same way Hillary did when she called half the nation “Deplorables”. Obviously, if Trump wins, Dimon doesn’t want The President as an enemy. But it’s more than that — even though he’s speaking as if he’s a Democrat fan giving them advice — really he is backing slowly away from a trainwreck.

Earlier in the same interview he was passionate about the disaster that is uncontrolled immigration. He said “if you do not control the borders you are going to destroy the country”. Those are fighting words, not the tip-toeing “kinda right” verbiage, and it’s an implicit endorsement of the Trump trademark Build the Wall policy of 2016.

It’s as if he might have realized they created a monster. Destroying the country is a dynamite phrase. Even though both sides of the political spectrum will be listening to his every word, this is not kindly advice to the Democrats.  Even if Democrats promised to “build a wall,” it’s too late now. Who would believe they’d do it come inauguration day? It’s way past that.

Quite possibly there’s another event cracking the socialist facade across the West, and that’s the unspoken dark hellfire of October 7th in Israel. That lifted the veil on the crazy pro-terrorist part of the Democrats — the apologists for baby beheading. Jamie Dimon didn’t mention that, but there are plenty of Jewish folk on Wall Street, and plenty of their non-Jewish colleagues have been mortified by the glee, the jubilation of barbarism inflicted on democratic voters that was expressed by large parts of today’s Democratic Party. The activist left are calling Donald Trump an existential threat to democracy, but then cheering on invaders who rape and murder women and send their mom a video of their “great success”. And who are those people coming uninvited and unvetted over the border of the USA?

Maybe we’ve reached a point where some of those pumping for Big-Gov have glimpsed the heart of darkness inside the Trojan Socialist Horse?

If the bankers of Wall Street, JP Morgan, are stepping away from the Democrats, even cheating may not save the left in this election. (Though jail or assassination are still in the toolkit).

If the person saying this was just a wayward billionaire, the talking heads on CNN and CNBC would be outraged. But Jamie Dimon controls a company with $4 trillion dollars in assets. He eats small banks for breakfast. After 200+ years on Wall Street, JP Morgan Chase is embedded at the core of the largest financial centre of the largest economy on Earth.

Notice how the CNN team quickly adopted his stance (albeit through gritted teeth for some). Then they steered the conversation back to their favorite hunting grounds of “personality” and character politics — and away from dangerous talk of actual policies and things that might affect millions of Americans.

Below in a longer part of the interview, Dimon stays “on the WEF ranch” until about 3:10 when he talks about immigration:

“We have to control the borders, … if you do not control the borders you are going to destroy the country.”

When the CEO of a $500 billion dollar company speaks, everyone listens.

In other pieces of this puzzle, Dimon describes himself as “barely a Democrat” though he donates “serious cash” to the Democrats. He once said ‘My heart is Democratic but my brain is kind of Republican’.  Six months ago Dimon  hinted that he might consider serving his country (as President) himself.

And once, a long long time time ago, he was asked if he was interested in being the Treasury Secretary by the 45th President himself. He said he wasn’t interested at the time. Perhaps that’s changed?

hat tip to DD. It is extraordinary indeed.

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