A Voice for Victory: The Hon Nick Goiran’s Triumph Over Aboriginal Heritage Laws

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In today’s episode: A Voice for Victory; The Hon Nick Goiran’s Triumph Over Aboriginal Heritage Laws

BREAKING NEWS! Matt Lawson has reached the half-way mark of his trek from Melbourne to Brisbane raising awareness of vaccine injuries, and raising money for Jab Injuries Australia! Topher celebrates this milestone with Matt and here at The Aussie Wire we’d absolutely love it if you’d follow the links below to join Matt’s facebook page to follow his progress, get out on the road and support him if he’s coming near you, and of course please donate to Jab Injuries Australia and let them know you’re doing it for Matt!

Follow Matt Lawson’s journey here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/670421864421396/

Donate to Jab Injuries Australia here: https://au.jabinjuriesglobal.com/donations/

Topher dives into the issue of human rights, specifically the rights to Life, Liberty, and Property, recounting a conversation that started at the Church and State Conference in Perth last weekend! Topher makes the case for the existence of these rights whilst deliberately refraining from calling upon higher authorities, past philosophers, legal precedents, or anything else. Just a simple premise that most people can agree on, followed by cold hard logic.

Nick Goiran MP from WA joins us to confirm that the WA Aboriginal Heritage laws truly are being repealed, and to discuss the implications going forward. In the process Nick provides a masterclass on how a politician can honestly answer questions (actually answering them) whilst avoiding the parts they’d rather not touch. The answer is actually quite impressive and serves as an example of how politicians SHOULD answer questions, instead of completely avoiding anything ‘spicy’.
Follow The Hon Nick Goiran here; https://www.nickgoiran.com.au/about https://www.facebook.com/HNGMLC/

Joanne Nova brings us more news from WA (what is it with West Australia right now???) and blows the lid on the ABC’s collusion with criminals, as they flew a camera crew across the country to film a trespass and home invasion and, arguably, an attempted unlawful imprisonment. The ABC must have known about the details of the plan in advance, yet instead of calling the police to report this criminal conspiracy they appear to have chosen to conspire with the criminals to ensure they got plenty of publicity. It’s all backfired on them of course, as it should, but it still speaks of a rotten culture in ‘our’ ABC. https://www.joannenova.com.au/2023/08/climate-extremists-go-to-woodside-ceos-home-to-vandalise-intimidate-and-the-abc-is-there-to-help/
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