Your clean green future *needs* another 80 million km of high voltage lines

Your clean green future *needs* another 80 million km of high voltage lines
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The following post on the topic of ausnet green future is syndicated from originally published on the 7th of December, 2023.

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Did they forget to mention a clean, green future planet is full of steel transmission lines?

Recently the International Energy Agency (IEA) told the world off for not preparing the Earth for the transition they want to force upon us. Apparently, we should have paid attention and built the right grid and now, due to our laziness, we will have to rush in another 80 million kilometers of interconnectors by 2040. Just like that.

All the high voltage lines we built in the last century, we have to build again in the next 17 years.

Remember, it’s not their fault that renewables need far more land, more space, more back up and more infrastructure — it’s our  fault we didn’t build a world ready for their holy energy. Those sacred wind and solar gifts cannot be bestowed upon us! We are unworthy:

IEA Lack of ambition and attention risks making electricity grids the weak link in clean energy transitions

First-of-its-kind global study finds the world must add or replace 80 million km of grids by 2040, equal to all grids globally today, to meet national climate targets and support energy security.

Notice how these changes “are essential” girls and boys, and you should have paid for them already. It’s only half a trillion dollars a year for the next 7 years…

Achieving all national climate and energy goals will require adding or replacing 80 million kilometres of power lines by 2040 – an amount equal to the entire existing global grid – according to a detailed country-by-country analysis carried out for the report. Major changes to how grids operate and are regulated are also essential, while annual investment in grids, which has remained broadly stagnant, needs to double to more than USD 600 billion a year by 2030.

Issues are already emerging. The report identifies a large and growing queue of renewables projects waiting for the green light to be connected to the grid, pinpointing 1 500 gigawatts worth of these projects that are in advanced stages of development. This is five times the amount of solar PV and wind capacity that was added worldwide last year.

Just bill it to the wind and solar investors, says Jo Nova, and make them pay to put the lines underground so they don’t pollute the forests and farms and start fires.

As Henry Geraedts said in the Financial Post — 80 million kilometers by 2040 is is enough to wrap around the globe 2,000 times. It’s all so utterly improbable.

And as Australian farmers say when AusNet wants to build interconnectors across their farms:

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Tell the children they’ve been lied to. The Green future is an industrial wasteland of concrete and steel built to line the pockets of billionaires and bankers.

Photo: Interconnectors by Frans Berkelaar

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