What crisis? We put out a trillion tons of man-made CO2 yet global disaster losses are shrinking

What crisis? We put out a trillion tons of man-made CO2 yet global disaster losses are shrinking
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The following post discussing man-made CO2 is syndicated from jonova.com.au.

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By Jo Nova

If man-made climate change does anything at all, it makes Global Disasters tamer

Humans produced 980 billion tons of CO2 in the last 32 years, yet global losses due to weather related damage are shrinking as a proportion of our economy.

Despite there being more humans on Earth than ever before, with more buildings, farms, and factories just waiting to be wrecked by bad weather, somehow global weather disaster losses are not as large a part of our economy as they used to be.

All those extra houses, tractors and cars are sitting-ducks for storms, floods, and hailstones, yet the “climate crisis” is doing less damage to our GDP than it used to when CO2 levels were much lower.

Back in 1990 global CO2 levels were just 355ppm, now it’s more like 417ppm.

Roger Piekle Junior investigated the economic losses of weather disasters for the last three decades. He found that when losses were adjusted for inflation, and measured as a proportion of global GDP, damages were shrinking.

Naturally this tells us nothing at all about what drives the climate, but shows the prophesies are bonkers, and the relentless weather porn on the news is like a pagan religion.

Global disaster losses 1990 to 2023

Since 1990, the toll of disasters as a proportion of the global economy has gone down from about 0.25% of GDP to less than 0.20%. That is good news and indicates progress with respect to the goals of the Sendai Framework.

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He points out that the UN itself recognizes that this is the correct way to measure trends in losses, rather than just adding up “total dollar losses” as most of the mass media does.

The United Nations Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction identifies disaster losses as a proportion of GDP to be a key metric for tracking progress on disaster risk reduction.1 This makes obvious sense because as the global economy grows there is more “stuff” exposed and vulnerable to being damaged.

The UN, despite knowing the correct answer, is happy for the worlds journalists to propagate lies and errors as a way to screw more money from hapless taxpayers. UN experts could easily speak up, to point out how lives are getting easier as we emit more CO2, and how journalists are being naughty. But scaring the children is all in a days work for the global grifter cartel.

The UN is quite happy with incompetent media reporting and misinformation, it’s the truth they have a problem with. Time to dismantle the United Nations.

Congratulations to Taiwan tonight for their elections — shame on the UN for not recognizing a great democracy.

Roger Piekle Junior writes at The Honest Broker.


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