‘Wet El Nino’? Why can’t they just admit they were wrong?

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This episode of The Aussie Wire we discuss this ‘Wet El Nino’ and how the BOM have lost their way, the ‘Reckless Renewables’ rally, and the touchy subject of pill testing.

Topher is feeling encouraged after a string of positive events this week! Javier Milei ripped the WEF a new one in a speech in which he basically told them that they are what’s wrong with the world… then the Heritage Foundation President followed up by telling WEF that every prospective conservative president or politician in America is now going to be running on an anti-WEF platform, and finally Donald Trump has come out and rejected ever introducing a CBDC. All in all it’s been a great week! Watch the videos in full here; https://twitter.com/TopherField/status/1748549744765653435

Science Correspondent Joanne Nova joins us to talk about this ‘Wet El Nino’… which up until right NOW was a contradiction in terms, but now we’re supposed to not and smile as if it all makes perfect sense. What makes sense is that the BOM have lost their way and allowed ideology to swamp science. https://theaussiewire.com/the-bom-predicted-a-hot-dry-summer-right-before-the-flooding-rains-came/

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Grant Piper from the National Rational Energy Network joins us to discuss the destruction of prime farmland, and the upcoming ‘Reckless Renewables’ rally in Canberra. Find out more about the rally here:   / rallyagainstrecklessness  

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Victoria Police Veteran Officer Krystle Mitchell joins us to discuss the touchy subject of pill testing. Opponents say that allowing testing means encouraging drug use, but Krystle’s real-world experience tells a very different story.

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