Trump wins Supreme Court support: Is he unstoppable now?

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Today on The Aussie Wire: We need to talk about Trump!

Topher gives up an update on his time at MaraLago and what he believes may be Donald Trump’s strategy with his potential Vice Presidential pick.

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Then we hear from North America correspondent Julie Hartman about the outcome of the Supreme Court’s ruling on whether Trump is eligible to be President. And Topher and Julie ask the question: Are these efforts to stop Trump actually helping him?

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We then speak with gun rights advocate Kate Fantinel about the West Australian government’s latest effort to undermine the rights of shooters, and try to wrap our minds around the logic, or lack thereof…

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and finally we’ll speak with Dave Pellowe about the fast approaching Church and State Summit in Brisbane this weekend ( ), followed by the Triple Conference in Albury ( ) of which The Aussie Wire are proud supporters, and both of which will have Topher and Dave in attendence.

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