The World Economic Forum: Their Death Cult is a “Your” Death Cult

The World Economic Forum: Their Death Cult is a “Your” Death Cult
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The following is a transcript of Topher’s editorial from Episode 71 of The Aussie Wire News discussing The World Economic Forum, which aired on the 16th of January 2024.

I want to give a huge shout-out to our friends at Rebel News because they’ve sent a team of reporters to Davos to cover the World Economic Forum event there. 

The World Economic Forum says that this year is about rebuilding trust, but what they don’t mention, of course, is that their members and the policies that they have promoted in the past are the reason why trust has been broken in the first place.

The World Economic Forum is not some benign get-together of the world’s rich and powerful. It is a psychopathic, anti-human death cult led by Klaus Schwab, who believes that he both can and should tell the rest of the world how they can live.

But death cults aren’t new. What makes this one so dangerous? Well, because unlike Jim Jones and his Kool-Aid-drinking suicidal followers, the WEF dreams of your death. Their death cult is a “your” death cult, not theirs. 

They believe the world is overpopulated, over-consuming resources, and that the only solution is to take a hardline anti-human stance, controlling everyone’s every move and using a combination of drugs and technology as the new opiate of the masses so that we all live small and meaningless lives, while they swan around the world as a new permanent ruling class. And no, none of that is an exaggeration. You will find all of that in Klaus Schwab’s book, The Great Reset, and in the speech given at the last 19 annual gatherings in Davos. 

This is what they talk about in public, but most of the Davos events are not public. The real business is done behind closed doors, and delegates from all over the world, including heads of state, simply emerge from these closed-door meetings with policies that they take back to their respective home countries and ram through democracy and the rule of law be damned. Don’t believe me?

Consider that across the Western world right now, country after country is trying to implement speech controls in the name of misinformation and disinformation. The push for speech control didn’t come from the public. We aren’t seeing massive protests with thousands of people on the streets demanding the government control what they can say. It didn’t come from the bottom up. It’s coming from the top down.

It’s no coincidence that the World Economic Forum has done research and claimed that misinformation and disinformation are the number one problem in the world right now. Who says that?! Number one?! More than the cost of living?  More than the failing social health care systems right across the Commonwealth? More than the looming threat of a slowly spreading war driven by the bottom lines of the big US defence contractors? 

Misinformation and disinformation is number one? That didn’t come from us. That’s coming from them because they are afraid of our freedom of speech. They are afraid of what we might say, and they are afraid even of the questions we might ask. Don’t believe me? Head over to Rebel News. They are at Davos.

Have a look at the lengths that these people will go to to avoid being asked simple questions. Ezra Levant from Rebel News talked about exactly this in a video about his trip to Davos a few weeks ago with Glenn Beck of the Blaze.

The Blaze: “The theme this year is rebuilding trust. What trust have they lost? And I mean this: are they trying to rebuild the trust among themselves? The trust that they thought they had with the people? What are they rebuilding?”

Ezra- “I think they mean trust in all institutions, and first of all, who the heck is the World Economic Forum? And why and who made them God? It’s been a privately owned Corporation since Schwab started the thing. You have to buy your way in. As I mentioned, Larry Fink of black rock is a senior, Pall Justin Trudeau’s Deputy, the one who had our reporter arrested; she’s on the board of the World Economic Forum.

How’s that not even a conflict of interest? Leo Vadar, the woke head of Ireland, Emanuel macron, Justin Trudeau, Jend Ard, the former New Zealand prime minister these are all World economic Forum young leaders and so none of them the world economic for you can’t vote them out you can’t even shareholder vote them out it’s like a private institution, it’s a private club but it really is the world’s most dense Gathering of vips. I can’t deny it and so everyone wants to be there, for whatever reason, and it’s all a lot of “it’s off the Record” so it’s lobbying. I bumped into the governor of Georgia there on the street, I was sort of friendly to him, I got no beef with him, I said how are you here at this woke George Soros, what are you doing here? They don’t believe in free speech, they’re very woke, what would you say to the America first side of your party and he said, “I have nothing to say to you”. I was disappointed, he could have given a good answer, he could have said “I’m here to get jobs for my state, I’ll go anywhere to get jobs, I’ll talk to the Devil Himself” there could have been a good answer, but there’s a snootiness, like how dare you grubby people ask me questions. 

There was a young Japanese citizen journalist, Masaco was her name, just a young lady who wanted to do journalism she waited outside a restaurant for Klaus Schwab for hours and he finally came out and he saw her and he came to her and she said “may I ask you a question” and he said “what outlet are you with” and she said “I’m an independent journalist” and he said “no” and he walked away. Why? I mean is her question not valid on its own? Does she need to pay you for you to pay any attention to her? So this is people who have no Democratic standing, yet they want to be rulers. Klaus himself, mused the other day that AI could do away with elections. He said what do we even need elections for when artificial intelligence can tell us the solution. They talk about AI in court. These are the folks who tell you that you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy. They have crazy philosopher Madmen like Yuval Noah Harari, who talks about people being useless and the future is video games and drugs. They’re very dystopian but they’ll wind up on top.”

Controlling the flow of information is the West’s number one priority, and stopping it is ours. I suggest you head over to the Rebel News website, and check out their coverage of this year’s WEF meeting in Davos. Personally, I’d like to thank Ezra, Avi, and the entire Rebel team for their outstanding public interest journalism.

You can watch this episode of The Aussie Wire News here.

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