The Voice: we’re speaking, are they listening?

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Today on The Aussie Wire: The Voice: we’re speaking, are they listening?

Immigration is being blamed for the current housing shortage, but the numbers tell a different story. One thing is for sure though: the only people who can fix the housing crisis, is us.

Senator Malcolm Roberts joins us to discuss the sham ‘covid inquiry’ announced by Prime Minister Albanese, and why it in NO way fullfill his promise for a royal commission.

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Crispin Rovere joins us to report on what he’s found as he’s been reading the many public submissions about the proposed Misinformation Disinformation bill. Only a handful have been released so far and he’s reading them all…

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Rukshan Fernando joins us once again, this time to discuss… celebrities on twitter.
No we don’t like doing it either, but in the case of Magda and her now infamous ‘list’, it’s worth making an exception.

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