The truth hurts: Immigrants aren’t the problem

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This is going to be a controversial episode, with topics on Immigrants, Climate Change, and cryptocurrencies, it is sure to generate some backlash, but that’s what the ‘contest of ideas’ is all about, and what makes conferences so valuable, you’re forced to content with ideas you disagree with, maybe ones that make you uncomfortable or even angry, and that’s good.

Economist Bryan Caplan doesn’t mince his words: Immigration is GOOD, no matter what the media have told you. But how can that be? We’re told by media and politicians alike that immigration is the reason your cost of living is sky high, you can’t find a house or a job, and they’re single handedly turning your city into one massive crime scene… but what if those problems are actually being caused by the POLITICIANS… and they’re using immigrants as their fall-guys?

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Elizabeth Halliday is here to save the world from Climate Change… using capitalism and free trade! Is this even possible? Could it work? Is this just a cynical plot to use the left’s fear campaign to bring about pro-freedom reforms? (and if it is, does it matter?) Climate Change is possibly the greatest example of what most people would assume is a ‘collective action’ problem requiring government involvement… but what if we could show that the solution to the problem (if there is one) is actually freedom and trade? Could that be a win-win that we can all get behind?

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Bitcoin To The Moon! Or not? We continue our coverage of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and the rapid advance of blockchain technologies in this interview with fellow Aussie Stephan Livera. He’s a podcaster and communicator, and a bitcoin TRUE believer… and he’s got the resources you need to educate yourself too.

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