The Role of the Church in the State

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Today on The Aussie Wire News, Topher is at the Church and State Summit in Brisbane and brings us this special episode including interviews with:

Prof James Allan, aka ‘Australia’s Jordan Peterson’, who speaks about courage and cowardice, the political drift of the lawyer classes, and the immorality of taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich during Covid.…

Dr. Stephen Chavura speaks on ‘good and evil’ and what happens to a society when truth is replaced by lies, on institutions and whether they can be redeemed (or should be allowed to collapse), and what we should do about it.

Former MP George Christensen speaks on what he saw when he was in the ‘halls of power’, on what Christians are called to do, on the Christian view of limited government, and the rise of the ‘new religion’ which promises a utopia but will deliver much worse. [George Christensen MP]…

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