Students for Liberty: How Freedom can solve even the most complex problems

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Topher brought back more than just great interviews from his USA trip! He’s been struck down with a lung infection and can’t conduct any interviews yet! But never fear! There’s more fantastic interviews from the Students for Liberty conference!

This episode starts with an interview with 3 sisters from Canada, Edina, Nicola, and Ronesca! These students were excited to be at the SFL conference and spoke of what it’s like to be a libertarian in a system that rewards conformity with progressivism.

Then we hear from Rod Richardson from the Climate and Freedom Coalition, on how he’s offering FREEDOM as a solution to climate change.

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And finally we’ll hear from Rob Schimenz from Stossel in the Classroom, about the work that he and John Stossel do, teaching freedom in schools with the help of literally tens of thousands of teachers!

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