Students for Liberty Conference: How REASON makes the world better

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This episode of The Aussie Wire News, Topher is in Washington DC for the Students for Liberty Conference, interviewing interesting people who have gathered from all over the world to be part of it!

Topher sits down with Nick Gillespie, of REASON MAGAZINE fame! Nick is one of the work-horses of the Libertarian movement, having now spent the bulk of his life spreading the ideas of liberty to the world. In this chat Topher and Nick discuss Nicks journey, but also dive into gratitude and the fact that actually, if you take a step back, it’s very clear that the world truly IS getting better.

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Jaiden’s story went massively viral in the US, but didn’t really reach Australia to the same degree. Jaidan is a young school boy who simply wanted to express himself with some pro-freedom patches on his school bag… and nearly ended up getting expelled for it! His case became a lightning-rod and Jaidan (and his mum Eden) found themselves at the centre of a storm… for a time. Now they’re on the other side of it all, Topher asks the question: Was it worth it?

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Robert Breedlove is no stranger to The Aussie Wire audiences, we first caught up with him at the ARC launch last year! Robert is best known for his ‘What is Money’ podcast, and in this interview we speak with Robert again, not just about bitcoin but also about preparedness in the wider world, CBDCs, and whether or not the ‘To The Moon’ predictions for bitcoin are actually coming true! Follow

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