Seeing is no longer believing: The weaponising of deep fakes is happening now

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This episode of The Aussie Wire News, Topher and his guests discuss the weaponising of deep fakes, the Euro Six emission standard and the United Airlines.

Topher delves into the dark world of deep fakes with David Cotter, our expert in technology and the arts. Are these lifelike fabrications becoming a real threat? Topher breaks it down for you!

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Science aficionado Joanne Nova takes center stage to demystify the Euro Six emission standard. Brace yourselves as we uncover why this standard is driving up costs for cars and fuel. Buckle up for a ride through the intricate details!

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Joining us from across the ocean, North America correspondent Julie Hartman dissects the controversial decision by United Airlines. Pilots chosen based on diversity rather than merit? Julie has the scoop.

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