Retreat from madness: How the European Farmer Protests are leading the return to sanity

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Topher has returned from the US and (mostly) recovered from his chest infection, but you’ll have to forgive a few coughs along the way. Today is a GOOD NEWS episode… well, mostly. This episode discusses the topics of the European Farmer Protests, Net Zero and the Covid Debt Levy in Victoria.

We start with the European Farmer Protests and the great news that they’ve begun to successfully extract concessions from the EU and from their respective national parliaments! If you’ve only been watching the dinosaur media then you won’t know what’s happening, but hundreds if not thousands of tractors have been blockading roads or dumping manure on the steps of parliament houses around the European continent for a range of reasons. In some regions they’re protesting against restrictions on fertiliser, other areas are protesting against tax changes, and still others are protesting about any one of dozens of local issues. But taken together, they form one of the largest protest movements Europe has seen in a long while, and between them they are starting to make an impact! We are joined by Bill Wirtz to help us understand what’s going on and what the impact has been, and why it is that we say they’re WINNING!

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Then we speak to Ross Clark, author of the report The Retreat from Net Zero available at Retreat From Net Zero is great news because it lays out the clear case that although many government’s are still making PROMISES of emissions cuts and a ‘renewable future’, their ACTIONS speak louder than their words and they are most certainly not practicing what they preach! In reality we’re seeing country after country fail to meet its own targets, and increasingly they’re beginning to acknowledge the targets are simply not achievable.

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Finally we speak with Professor Sinclair Davidson, Economist, about some not-so-good news, that being the introduction of the Covid Debt Levy in Victoria, and the resulting jump of 2.5x in people’s land-tax assessments! Coming on top of the existing cost of living crisis and housing affordability crisis, this is a terrible blow to renters, and a terribly regressive tax that will hurt most the people who can afford it least.

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