Racist AI? How Google’s Gemini AI Disaster opens the door for Elon Musk’s Xmail

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Have we seen peak-woke? Google’s disastrous Gemini AI launch turned them into the laughing stock of the world and for Topher it calls to mind an expression from the 1970s… has wokeness finally ‘jumped the shark’?

Dr Peter Ridd weighs in on the question of nuclear power, the readiness of Small Modular Reactors, and the fact that according to a new poll support for nuclear power is at an all time high, especially among younger people!

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The Dunkley by-election is heating up, with a Labor candidate insulting her own constituents, the Liberal Party taking the lead in the polls, and the Libertarian candidate Chrysten Abraham joining us to face the Libertarian Purity test: What would you do if you ruled the world?

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North America Correspondent Julie Hartman weighs in on Trumps speech at CPAC, the ‘3rd party candidate effect’ of Robert F Kennedy Jr, and whether the example being set by Javier Milei will be emulated by the next president of the United States.

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