No End in Sight

No End in Sight
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The following blog post about No End in Sight is syndicated from Alex Story The Aussie Wire News’ UK Correspondent.

Tower Bridge shut down; Parliament under siege; Bodyguards deployed for Members of Parliament; an invisible, and increasingly partial, Police;  And Lee Anderson MP dismissed by Rishi Sunak for pointing out the obvious.

Things are reaching a point for no return.

Lee Anderson suggested that the take-over of our public spaces in the Capital have metastasised under the benevolent glance of Sadiq Khan, current Mayor of London and former hired hand to Nation of Islam, an extremist organisation. The Member of Parliament for Ashfield said that Sadiq Khan had “actually given out our capital city away to his mates”, adding “we’ve got Starmer there doing nothing – he’s more interested in getting into Number 10 and giving our country away than actually looking after our country”.

The riposte from the mayor was as predictable as it was unimaginative, because fully effective. Mr Kahn called Lee Anderson an Islamophobe, anti-Muslim and a racist. This accusation, however, strikes most as odd.

Indeed, nothing in Lee Anderson’s remark had to do with either Islam or race. It was nothing more than an accurate description of the facts on the ground.

As a commentator said to Huffington Post: “Lee was simply making the point that the mayor, in his capacity as Police and Crime Commissioner for London, has abjectly failed to get a grip on the appalling Islamist marches we have seen in London recently”.

On Islam and race, however, Mr Khan has a long and interesting history. He has been a proud defender of Islam’s least attractive characters,  including Louis Farrakhan who called Hitler “a very great man” and Judaism a “dirty (gutter) religion”, as well as members of Hizb ut-Tahrir, a proscribed Mohammedan organisation, calling for the re-establishment of the Islamic caliphate to unite the Ummah (the Muslim community), and implement sharia globally.

The latter is, of course, the law of Islam, not that of the UK Parliament – for the moment at any rate. In addition, the former Human Rights Lawyer is on record as tarring with the broad brush of fools and frauds his much touted but habitually invisible moderate co-religionists as “Uncle Toms”, a racial slur imported from the United State suggesting subservience to Caucasians. Khan himself admitted that “Uncle Tom” was a racist term when picked up on it on the eve of the Mayoral election in May 2016.

At the time, he promptly issued an apology, pleading for forgiveness, before the elections, hoping it would not derail his campaign. He said “I regret using the phrase and I am sorry” on James O’Brien’s LBC show. Like most politicians, he was more circumspect before his election than afterwards.

Now, in London, he reigns supreme so cares much less about the offence he might cause beleaguered Londoners. However, it does not require a great leap of faith to note his long history of close association with deeply suspicious Islamic groups, a visibly “invisible” police and his habitual recourse to slurs to silence opponents to summarise the occupation of London’s public spaces by elements increasingly hostile to our Judeo-Christian world as “giving the city away to his mates”. It is an accurate statement of fact. There is nothing either Islamophobic or racist in Lee Anderson’s statement.

As an aside, readers should note the increasingly frequent use of “Islamophobia” and “racism” in combination. Islam is a religion not a race and never will be. As such, the cramming of these two fully unnatural bedfellows into short accusatory proclamations should set alarm bells ringing. That these are increasingly put together is not an accident, it suggests the eventual introduction of blasphemy laws, the object of which will be to protect the feelings of the Religion of Peace’s legions of believers. Sadiq Khan went further than the usual throwing of mud though.

Lee’s comments showed without any doubt that the Tory Party was morally rotten said the mayor. On this one, Sadid Khan is partially right. Nevertheless, it is not Lee Anderson’s common sensical observations that point to the Tory Party’s moral rottenness. The mayor is allowing “his mates” to threaten and bully the good people of London. We all have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is, rather, the Tory Party’s abject cravenness in the face of a radicalised street and smear campaigns from its political opponents.

In withdrawing the whip from Lee Anderson, Rishi Sunak, his Chief Whip, Simon Hart, and the rest of the political walking dead, have handed the rotting carcass of their party to the vultures. With each concession, the beast shows ever more effrontery. With it our streets are increasingly less welcoming and our ability to speak freely less true.

The Tory Party, in office since 2010, has overseen the growth of identity politics, the acceleration of mass immigration and the full demoralisation of those whose support will be required to steady the ship of state when the time comes, along with embedding financial incontinence in our national DNA, doubling state expenditure to £1.2 Trillion up from £697 Billion when the men with blue ties took office over 14 years ago. In accepting the Blairite world view as the new normal, the Tories betrayed their party, the people, and our country. To get elected, they needed the patriotic vote, which would not have been forthcoming had they been honest about their aim – not just to keep Blairism alive but to put the Progressive Beast on steroids. They sold Churchill and delivered Cameron, May and Sunak.

To get into office, they lied. Therein lies part of their moral bankruptcy. However, the other, much greater, part of their moral rottenness was to have been seduced by and choosing to finalise the full implementation of New Labour’s vision for Britain, a party for which morality, in particular one rooted in Judeo-Christian principles, was a constraint that needed to be fully expunged from the national polity. So Mr Khan is right to observe the Tory Party’s moral putrefaction.

What he doesn’t and can’t say is that it is so because the Tory Party chose New Labour and Blairism as its twin philosophical lodestars. And truth, when a country is run by parties for which morality is alien, is a sin.

Lee Anderson is only the latest, but not last, victim of this increasingly evident situation.

There will be many more – if nothing changes.

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