Hope and Change: How Australia chose hope and New Zealand chose change in a historic weekend

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Topher reflects on the Voice result and what it means for the doom-sayers and sad-sacks who cop out with excuses such as ‘the fix is in’ or ‘selected not elected’. The truth is we DO have considerable influence over the outcomes in the world around us, and instead of giving up we need to get busy.

Warren Nyunggai Mundine reflects on the Voice result, his feelings now that it’s done, and Topher and Warren begin what will be an ongoing conversation about real world reforms that can actually improve the situation of Indigenous Australians going forward.

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David Limbrick MLC was among the first to call out what has since become an obvious trend: The blaming of ‘misinformation’ for the Voice loss. There’s a totalitarian instinct behind the YES campaign and we’re seeing it clearly now that they’re using their loss as an excuse to push for full-scale censorship of the Australian people.

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At the same time as The Voice was going on, New Zealand were electing a new Prime Minister! New Zealand represents an unusual and interesting opportunity to watch as changes in policy rapidly change the fortunes of the country, thanks to their single-house parliament. Jonathan Kennerley joins us from New Zealand to talk us through the results thus far.

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