Hiding behind lies – D.I.E. ideology

Hiding behind lies – D.I.E. ideology
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The following blog post about D.I.E. ideology syndicated from Alex Story The Aussie Wire News’ UK Correspondent

The speed of decay is something to behold. 

The Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (D.I.E.) ideology has spread through Britannia’s entire body. 

This vicious Marxist cancer is now attacking her brains, having debilitated much of her formerly warrior-like frame. 

The future looks bleak indeed. To many, she could be well past rescuing. 

Something could have been done over the last 14 years to give her a fighting chance. 

After all, in that time, we had a Conservative Party in office. 

A Thatcher would, presumably, have worked towards dismantling New Labour’s attempt to turn the United Kingdom into a One-Party state, in which the civil service, the taxpayer funded Non-Governmental sector, supranational institutions, and most malevolently, the Corporate sector, united to crush political opposition the better to serve their insatiable lust for riches and power. 

However, seduced by Blair and the New Labour project, the Conservative Party doubled down on this silently, but manifestly, treasonous revolution. 

Every document published by the British State now drips with the politics of Biology. To spend time reading official documents now is to weep for our national future. 

Race and Gender are the new twin engines of social engineering. And nothing is more paramount to our bureaucrats than imposing Race quotas across the board, regardless of context, consequences, and costs – or indeed morality.

In short, the power of the British state is being turned on us.

The result is visible. Britain is becoming unrecognizable. Our history is being erased and rewritten. 

In this charmless fiction, we are the bad actors and must accept what is coming. 

A change of government from Conservative to Labour after the forthcoming general election will bring no respite.

Only an acceleration in that hateful direction is on the cards for the electorate.

D.I.E. will be the “philosophical tool” used to finish Great Britain’s deconstruction job. 

And, if he wins, Keir Starmer will use it with relish. 

Currently, the odds look good for the Leader of His Majesty’s Opposition.

A recent survey published on January 27th and conducted by Opinium, gave Labour a lead of close to 16% over Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party. 

The survey predicts that Labour would take 42% of the vote, versus 27% for the Conservatives – absolute power territory.

And yet, last week, Keir Starmer made a surprising intervention.

In the midst of the diet of platitudes to which we have long been accustomed, he attacked the Conservative Party, already in its latter stages of decomposition, for having criticised the National Trust. 

After all, the institution has the tendency to back all fashionable causes outside of its official mandate, which is merely to conserve England’s very rich cultural heritage. 

He said the Tories were desperate “to find woke agendas” in Britain’s valued institutions. 

In other words, the Culture Wars are a figment of our imagination. 

Like a drunk disjointedly waving his fists at a police officer, hoping to convince a sceptical audience that he is fully sober, Keir Starmer is trying to tell the public that he is not “woke”.

However, like much of the party he leads, he is intoxicated by the spirit of D.I.E. He oozes Wokery from every orifice. 

Biology is a strong political drug.

He is the charmless face of a brutish ideology that seeks to split the world into two classes: the oppressor vs the oppressed. 

From that ludicrous but fashionable point of view, we are the oppressors, carry generational guilt and must atone for our historical sins by accepting a lower social status. 

To understand why it is pointless to hope for a higher quality of leadership in our country’s affairs or a better future, it is important to highlight Keir Starmer’s intuitive support for all anti-British ideologies. 

In 2019, his party pledged to turn Islam from a religion into a race. The implications are fundamental. Any disagreement on religion will be forcibly moved from the realm of theology, where such discussions belong, to a “Race Crime”, empowering the bullies over the curious in the process. It will also lead to the reintroduction of blasphemy laws in the UK.

Further, it will inevitably make for a strongly pro-Hamas Foreign Office and pro-Sharia Home Office.

In 2020, he knelt for Black Lives Matter, a Marxist group, the policy of which was to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure”, with eyebrow-raising alacrity. The “Family” is Marx’s most important bugbear as it is the vehicle through which traditions are passed from generations to generations. Fewer nuclear families mean less “reactionary” resistance.

Additionally, last year, he told an incredulous nation that “99.9% of women don’t have a penis”, leaving, out of a global female population of 4 Billion, a few million women sporting male genitalia. 

To crown everything, when asked about choosing between Davos and Westminster by Emily Maitlis, the former BBC Journalist, he replied: “Davos” with not a single second of hesitation. 

He explained: “Westminster is too constrained”, adding it’s a “tribal, shouting place”, in which no meaningful discussion could be had. 

Davos, the Mecca of the Internationalism, of a borderless world, and of the DIE cult, came before our Parliament in the eyes of our potential next Prime Minister. 

Keir Starmer’s instinct is to back every cause that will put the interest of the powerful and the international ahead of the steady and the national – Just as the Conservative Party did before him.

Britain, you see, is too parochial.

Keir Starmer’s Labour Party will accelerate the process of segmenting people according to race and gender, creating a caste system at the bottom of which will be those, who already reside there: the sons and daughters of poor white working men and women.

The worst thing in all of this is that we are paying for the destruction of what we love: our historical and cultural inheritance. 

It is high time we thought about ways to remove the funding away from the nihilists currently in power. 

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