Courage is Contagious: Topher Field brings the Battleground Melbourne story to Florida with Sam Sorbo

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This episode of The Aussie Wire News, we continue our coverage of Aussie Wire Host Topher Field’s time in the USA, this time giving you a front row seat at a closed-door event organised by Actor, Author, and Freedom Advocate Sam Sorbo.

Just 20 people were at this invitation only event, and Sam Sorbo hosted Topher for the specific purpose of impacting these people with the story of what unfolded in Melbourne, Australia, during the covid panic.

Why does Topher do events to so few people? Because in the room were people with massive audiences in the media or online, people with influence within conferences and large organisations, and Sam kindly made it her mission to get them in a room and have them hear the story, for the purpose of having them invite Topher and other Australians onto their podcasts, to speak at their conferences, and to spread our story of courage in the face of covid tyranny.

At the Aussie Wire we’re proud to give you front-row-seats at this closed door event, and while we can’t show you the faces of those gathered, you can hear some of their responses and questions and sense the undeniable impact the story had on them.

Due to the caliber of people in that room we hope and expect that this simple closed door event will lead to much greater opportunities for The Aussie Wire, for Topher Field, and for the spreading around the world of the courage that the people of Melbourne and Victoria showed during Covid.

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