Border Crisis becomes a Constitutional Crisis: US States play Chicken with the Feds!

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This episode of The Aussie Wire News covers the Texas-Mexico border crisis turned Constitutional Crisis, productivity and the missing natural disasters.

Topher has had enough of these lazy slacktivists who are vandalising artworks. Soup? Lame. Topher has some suggestions on how these pompous virtue signalling attention seekers can prove they ACTUALLY care!

US Correspondent Julie Hartman joins us to discuss the fast-evolving situation on the Texas-Mexico border. It seems to have split the country down the middle, with half of all the US states siding with Texas against the Federal Government. What can we expect from here?

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Prof Sinclair Davidson joins us to talk about PRODUCTIVITY! Exciting topic, right? Oh. right. Well even if it’s not exciting, it IS important, and we have some bad news… productivity has taken a hit, and it’s NOT your fault…

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Science Correspondent Joanne Nova joins us to discuss the missing natural disasters! We were promised endless disasters by now unless we stopped cows from farting by the year 2000… or maybe I have the details slightly wrong but you get the idea. Where are those disasters? How come natural disasters are doing LESS damage, not more?

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