Banks restricting access to bitcoin? Do they know something we don’t?

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Today on The Aussie Wire News, Topher delves into the latest developments surrounding the financial institutions’ attempts to restrict access to digital currencies/bitcoin.

The Commonwealth Bank has escalated its war against digital currencies/bitcoin by blocking customers from using their own money to buy digital currencies.

Topher discusses this with Crispin Rovere who has seen this kind of thing before, specifically when his bank demanded personal information and FROZE his accounts because he was using modest amounts of cash. It seems the banking system is working hard to lock everyone in to… the banking system. Do they know something we don’t?

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Then we look at change in the air in the UK as a group of 21 MPs and Peers have co-signed a demand to see the UK government’s evidence for their claim that the observed excess deaths in the UK have nothing to do with the MRNA jabs. Things are likely to get interesting because it’s doubtful that they’ve actually studied it in any depth, and the ‘evidence’ most likely doesn’t exist. This is relevant to Australia too, as we then speak to our guest Dr Melissa McCann who explains we’re observing similar increases in all-cause mortality, and similar disinterest in looking into the cause.

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Then we speak to Justin Trudeau who is accustomed to scandal, he’s surrounded by them constantly much like former Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, but the latest accusations against him are bad even by his standards! And the accusations form part of a pattern that we see world-wide including here in Australia…

Finally we speak with North America Correspondent Julie Hartman who joins me to discuss this disturbing trend.

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