Australian government new emissions rules is coming for your Utes, SUVs and cheap fuel

Australian government new emissions rules is coming for your Utes, SUVs and cheap fuel
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We elect an Australian government but get the EU emissions rules

Just before Christmas the government quietly put out new emissions rules they know Australians won’t like. “Tis the season for dropping press release bombs.

Australia will adopt ‘Euro 6’ fuel standard by late 2025

Jacob Greber, The Australian Financial Review

Tough new petrol standards will be introduced at the end of 2025, potentially increasing the cost of fuel while expanding consumer access to leading-edge, mostly European, ultra-efficient vehicles.

By forcing Australians to buy expensive, unreliable cars prone to exploding, the government will stop families going on holidays, burn down a few homes, and keep friends from visiting each other, unless the nation of petrol-heads keep driving their old cars and Utes, Cuba style. For all this pain, the new rules will “slash 18 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions” which is equivalent to taking 280,000 imaginary cars off the road, or cutting 0.15% of annual emissions from China. i.e. nothing.

All Peter Dutton, the opposition leader in Australia needs to do to win the next election is to stand up for drivers in Australia.

Apparently Australians need to import more EU cars to save German industry or something:

…the government aims to spur greater imports of vehicles that car makers currently do not sell in Australia because the fuel is too dirty for their highly calibrated engines.

The press release reads like it was written by the EU aristocratic snobs, not the Australian Labor Party.

This is no place for an EV.

The government will force you to subsidize the EVs while pretending the manufacturers are doing it:

The trick in the new Command Economy is to make devious rules that force the market to come up with strange and expensive ways to satisfy communist rules.

The new rules mean cars and light commercial vehicles sold from December 2025 will need to meet so-called “Euro 6d noxious emissions standards”. Years in the making, they are separate to a push by the government to introduce a “fuel efficiency standard” that would force car makers to sell more EVs by imposing penalties on the sales of higher-emitting vehicles such as utes, SUVs and four-wheel-drives.

In other words, if the punters buy the cars they want, and not the cars the government wants, then the prices of the “limited” number of popular cars will rise. The penalties that will have to be imposed by the car makers are really subsidies in disguise. They will add thousands in costs to the popular cars so they can use the extra profits to sell the unpopular cars at discount prices.

The net result is that billionaires will keep buying whatever they want to buy, and if it’s an EV it will be subsidized by the workers, who will have to pay more for their own “higher emitting” cars that will still be able to drive as far as the outer suburbs, or God forbid, a country town.

This is a boilerplate policy  that been copied from overseas. It’s a blueprint of the global billionaire class. It would mean newer smaller petrol cars will subsidize bigger EV’s, and as Craig Kelly says, put lives at risk on country roads. The small car passengers will be more likely to die in crashes with cows, trees and heavier EV’s. Momentum always wins. Or our children will only be able to drive cheap Chinese-EV’s.

Any EV will be a car that the government and insurance companies can track, shut down, or spy on. (Read those plans here).

By golly, politicians can smoothly lie:

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Catherine King said the changes would save lives.

“The changes, along with fuel efficiency standards are part of delivering cleaner, cheaper-to-run cars and tackling transport costs for Australian families and businesses,” said Ms King.

Time Australians stood up and paid attention.

Those elected are not on our side,
And their contempt for us barely hide,
As the truth slowly dawns,
That these globalist pawns,
Are all to the doom cult allied.

— Ruairi

h/t to Ben Beatty and Craig Kelly

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